Are You At War With Your Mind?
“If we want to win the war in our minds, we have to be willing to rewire our thought patterns, rewire our mind”
Why do we TRY to change, but still end up doing things we don’t like?  What is our mind telling us?

  • Decide you are going to lose weight and then find yourself grabbing a soda and candy when you stop to get gas?
  • Scroll on your phone for hours instead of talking to your significant other or kids?
  • Does a high credit card bill upset you?  Yet you continue to make more unnecessary purchases on those cards?
  • Exaggerate to impress others even though that’s not the person you want to be?
  • Worry nonstop even though you know it’s a waste of time and it makes you sick?
  • Commit to stop arguing with your spouse, then keep arguing with your spouse?

Our brain and our behavior

The reason we make poor decisions is because of how our brains work.  We have to not only recognize the unhealthy patterns, but also figure out the underlying problem.  What we put in our minds comes out in our lives.  Every action we take, every word we say and every attitude we express originates from our thoughts.  We need to rewire our mind and our thoughts and find the blockers that are holding us back!

To rewire our mind, we need to change our behavior!  But, it can’t be done just by removing the behavior as the behavior is not the root problem.  The neural pathway that leads you to the behavior is the problem. What set of thoughts do you think each time you are triggered?  This trigger might be feeling alone, fearing failure or the same series of thoughts you always fall into, and they lead to the same behavior.  

Where will we get these new thoughts?

I will help you find and strategically choose a new series of thoughts so you can successfully change the behavior holding you back!

Schedule a discovery call with me. We'll dive into your thought patterns, identify what's holding you back, and set a course for new, positive behaviors. It's time for a direct approach to change. Ready to take the first step?


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