How To Create An Amazing Life!

How To Create An Amazing Life!
We must free ourselves from the distractions that keep drawing us away from greatness and leave us struggling with life and create an amazing life.  You must come to understand the nature of the objects you are struggling with.  You will then naturally work towards releasing the hold they have on you.  This little act of letting go is “acceptance” and “surrender”.   

There is a state of peace within you that cannot be disturbed by the outside world, your thoughts, or even your emotions.  These objects can continue to freely exist, but they will no longer dominate your life.  You will be free to fully interact in life, but you will do so out of a sense of love and service, rather than fear or desire.

We must work with the mind and it thoughts, then the heart and its emotions.  As we work our way through each layer, it will become easier and easier to let go — to accept and surrender.  Understanding your mindfulness means that you are always conscious of what is really going on around you and inside you.

Awareness is not limited only to the outside world, but also to your inner experiences.

Have you used the the phrase “my mind” “my thoughts”?  Your mind is a field of energy in which thoughts are capable of existing.  Do your thoughts you’re experiencing and replaying in your mind “blockers”?  Lets rewrite your “story” and stop replaying the I’m-not-good-enough soundtrack in your mind.  Oola Blockers are  Fear, Guilt, Anger, Self-Sabatoge, Laziness, Envy, Focus –  What will my life look like if I overcome this “Oola Blocker(s)?”   How will I create an amazing life?

Is your true character revealed when you’re faced with adversity?  Sometimes you are happy with yourself for handling yourself and your personal challenges.   Other times, not so much!   This is how we begin to create an amazing life.