Welcome to another exciting episode where we embark on the thrilling roller coaster ride of real estate. Our trusted Life, Wellness, and Transformation Coach, Lisa, guides us through the highs and lows of this dynamic and competitive market. From entitled first-time buyers to unconventional negotiation tactics, we explore it all.  n the real estate market, things are ever-changing and fast-paced. You'll encounter unexpected twists and turns, hurdles, and challenges. As Lisa rightly points out, being a realtor is much like being a coach in its own right, navigating clients through significant financial decisions and transitions. It's about finding the dream home for first-time buyers and helping sellers transition to different living situations.   However, the journey isn't always smooth sailing. The real estate market is much like a terrain that keeps changing. Economic shifts, fluctuating interest rates, and high food and gas prices all contribute to the unpredictable landscape of this field.   Interestingly, the episode highlights the recent trend of entitled first-time buyers. Lisa shares her experiences dealing with such buyers who demand a total roof replacement or make unbelievably low offers based on gut feelings. It's a reality check for those entering the real estate market with entitlement and unrealistic expectations.   Despite the challenges, Lisa emphasizes the importance of maintaining a positive mindset. Each hurdle, each roadblock is an opportunity to navigate and overcome. In the face of adversity, a positive attitude can help us weather the stormiest of property storms.  The episode also provides valuable insights and practical advice for those ready to venture into the wild world of real estate. From the joy of helping first-time buyers find their dream homes to the heartbreak when deals disintegrate, Lisa shares it all. The aim is to empower listeners, arming them with the knowledge and resilience to face any challenge this chaotic yet rewarding market throws their way.  In conclusion, the journey of venturing into real estate is full of adventure and adversity. But with the right mindset and armed with practical insights, you can navigate this dynamic field successfully. As Lisa beautifully puts it, life is an adventure and real estate is just one part of the journey. So let's buckle up and embrace the thrill of this real estate odyssey together.


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