You Are Not Your Thoughts!
When you close your eyes and listen within, what thoughts do you hear?
In case you have not noticed, you have a mental dialogue going on inside your head that never stops.  The interaction with the world, your thoughts, and your emotions raises some interesting questions.  It means trying to make your thoughts and emotions easier to live with.  There are nice ones, and not-so-nice-ones.  You like the nice ones.  That’s what you’re struggling with.  You want your thoughts to be positive, uplifting and beautiful.

The problem is there’s an outside world of reality that can come in and cause your thoughts and emotions to be very difficult.  That is why life can be overwhelming. Your entire life is composed of consciously experiencing the three objects of consciousness (the outer world, your inner thoughts, and your emotions).

When blockers show up in your life
You do realize that they are “mental obstacles” and their job is to hold you back from following your passion and truly living the life you want.  When you begin to eliminate fear, laziness, self-sabotage, envy and other Blocker from your life, your true self will emerge.  You will see a glimpse of what’s inside you, and your hear passions will come to light.

Lets work together to move past your blockers and take back your future.  I have a Ready-Set-Go formula for moving past these blockers!  This formula is perfect for  working thru all blockers and helping you eliminate them and move forward to your goals!

That is the journey before us!


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