Resilience mindset, forgiveness = Radiance!
You know, when we were all young, we had no fear, we had dreams, we had imaginations, we were confident and resilient and happy - we had the mindset that anything was possible if we dreamed it.   Then life happened…. Someone hurt your heart, someone said something mean to you, did not belong in their group, someone called you ugly or stupid or told you that you were not good enough… Well, all these things cause your heart to become wrinkly and become sad or hardened.  

So,I am here to walk beside you and  guide you through a transformation of your mindset, your life and your forgiveness journey to a radiant purposeful life.

My journey really began 5 years ago when I decided it was time to work on ME!  It was time to put myself through a forgiveness journey to heal my heart and calm my inner critic.  But, let me tell you … that inner critic still gets me from time to time, my anxiety still gets me and yes, my depression still is a thing in my life. But, now I know just a little better how to overcome it.  I would love to guide you through this journey.    This is why I am a Life, Wellness and Transformation Coach…. Here to guide you through the tough stuff to find your Inner Radiance.


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