A walk in your "I Don't Know"
Are you feeling uncertain and unsettled and off guard? 

There are so many scenarios in our minds that can evoke feelings of uncertainty, fear and exhaustion from life not being like you thought it should be.  

Whatever your situation is, you probably feel like there is no way you can change it, but you still have to live through the reality of what is happening right now.  Sometimes you just have to walk in your "I Don't Know."

You are thinking that all this trouble is exhausting, Right?

Walking in the "I Don't Know" is scary and can make us desperate to make things easier than they are.  You keep thinking if I can just get through this circumstance, my life will settle down and all my stress and fear will go away? 

But, think of this, what if your life settling down and all your disappointments going would be the worst thing that could happen to you?  Stop to think.... what if ? My "I Don't Know" is actually helping me, not hurting me?  

There are lessons for us that are crucially important for our future that we learn in the middle of our "I Don't Knows".  

So be grateful and practice gratitude and ask, what is this trying to teach me.


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