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Meet Lisa 
Learn from a coach who has been where you are now and can help you become the woman you want to be!
 Meet Lisa Dorn, the warm and relatable life coach who understands exactly how you're feeling right now. She's been through the same difficult life transitions and knows firsthand the challenges you're facing. Now, she wants to empower you to become the strong, confident woman you've always wanted to be.

As the founder of Change Your Life Coaching with Lisa, Lisa is a certified life, wellness, and transformational coach who specializes in helping women navigate through tough transitions and find balance, health, and purpose in their lives. Her passion lies in helping women break free from limiting mindsets and beliefs, and guiding them towards self-love and inner wisdom that can lead to a purposeful life filled with growth and fulfillment.

Lisa's own personal journey has taught her that true wellness and balance come from the synergy between mind, body, and spirit. By working together, she will help you overcome any obstacles standing in your way and live authentically with gratitude, love, discipline, integrity, passion, humility, and wisdom. 

Lisa is dedicated to helping you identify your goals, dreams, and inner self, and will support you in creating empowering goals that will lead you to a happy and balanced life.

Whether you're on a wellness or fitness journey, dealing with overwhelming debt, or facing a challenging divorce, Lisa is here to guide you every step of the way. As your life and wellness coach, she will provide the encouragement and motivation you need to be the best version of yourself. She can't wait to join you on this transformative journey towards a more balanced and fulfilling life.